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The knife had been found in the bureau by the departed deacon's bedside-- found in the place where the little bag of church money had lain, which the minister himself had seen the day before.
But thou hast a hundred zecchins with thee in that bag,'' said Isaac, prying under Gurth's cloak, ``it is a heavy one.
And she began to count over the amount of the captain's score from the sailor's bag into the one that I was holding.
Don't you know that it is the bag of life and death?
The Herd-boy was very much delighted over his stroke of good fortune, and, hiding the magic loaf in his bag, he hurried off to the nearest village to buy himself something to eat, and then returned to his sheep.
SHE rustled across the paper bag, and awakened Benjamin Bunny.
Presently he got the bag unfastened and plunged his hands into it.
said Milady, placing a bag full of louis in Felton's hands.
I will give a faithful account of the sum to your lordship," said Planchet, putting the bag under his arm.
But how in the world is he to get out of the bag again?
Now, we are by ourselves," said he, and he spread upon the floor a large cover, and emptied the first bag into it.
At the very bottom was an embroidered bag covering a sealed, gilded, and illuminated document such as one King sends to another.