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BAGGAGE. Such articles as are carried by a traveller; luggage. Every thing which a passenger, carries, with him is not baggage. Large sums of money, for example, carried in a travelling trunk, will not be considered baggage, so as to render the carrier responsible. 9 Wend. R. 85. But a watch deposited in his trunk is part of his baggage. 10 Ohio R. 145. See, as to what is baggage, 6 Hill, R. 586 5 Rawle, 188, 189; 1 Pick. 50.
     2. In general a common carrier of passengers is responsible for baggage, if lost, though no distinct price be paid for transporting it, it being included in the passenger's fare. Id. The carrier's responsibility for the baggage begins as soon as it has been delivered to him, or to his servants, or to some other person authorized by him to receive it. Then the delivery is complete. The risk and responsibility of the carrier is at an end as soon as he has delivered the baggage to the owner or his agent; and if an offer to deliver it be made at a proper time, the carrier will be discharged from responsibility, us 'such yet, if the baggage remain in his custody afterwards, he will hold as, bailee, and be responsible for it according to the terms of such bailment ana, R. 92. Vide Common Carriers
     3. By the act of congress of March 2, 1799, sect. 46, 1 Story's L. U. S. 612, it is declared that all wearing apparel and other personal baggage, &c., of persons who shall arrive in the United States, shall be free and exempted from duty.

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According to SITAs 2017 Baggage Report, the rate of mishandled bags in 2016 was at a record-low of 5.
An Emirates spokesperson said the airline is also advising its customers to check its website for all baggage enquiries, to avoid confusion.
Most of the 'magic' happens at the Naia baggage buildup and breakdown areas, where pieces of luggage are kept and sorted before being loaded on or unloaded from the aircraft, the source said.
Due to system integration problems and software updation by third party as expressed by airlines, the Air Transport Circular 02 of 2016 on unbundling of services addressing the issue of checked- in baggage rate between 15- 20 kgs will now come into effect from July 1, 2016, the official said.
Kuwait Airways' new baggage policy - Baggage made simple - under which all its routes are now operating on a piece concept basis for customers travelling in economy class are entitled to one bag with maximum of 23kg as free baggage allowance.
Mohammad Al Zaghlawan, general manager at Sharjah Aviation Services, said: "Having significant transfer traffic, automation of our baggage processes and reconciliation became fundamental to our business as it can easily make or break a passenger's travel experience.
Operating from a centralised database that manage the data in real-time, the platform will increase the speed by which baggage is identified and transferred from the aircraft to the terminal.
Geographical segmentation of the commercial airport baggage handling systems market
Active IATA involvement shows the significance of this pilot project, RFID technologies and capabilities opened up by this HHRBTS system for airlines, since airlines are those to suffer most the financial loss due to lost or mishandled baggage.
The cost of excess baggage has been reduced, on some routes by up to 90%, with a further reduction of up to 30% if pre-purchased directly with Etihad up to 24 hours before travel.
Automating the baggage handling was obvious and so was the choice to extend this efficiency from departure, using self-bag drop, and all the way through to handling of arrival baggage.
Due to the higher free baggage allowance on flights operating into India, the saleable seat capacity is reduced in line with payload constraints.