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So my mom staffed making me pants with lower crotches, but when you have regular pants with a low crotch it looks funny, it looks like MC Hammer pants, so they staffed getting a little bit baggier.
Baggier ones virtually obliterate your outline, although baggy headnets can be more difficult to shoot with.
They often wear baggier and baggier clothing or gain weight unconsciously, as a means of deterring the stares.
The kids they interviewed looked a little different because they had more tattoos and piercing, and wore baggier clothes than I expected.
Bootleg trousers from River Island had 36ins hips while slightly baggier but still straight trousers from Dorothy Perkins were 42ins.
The overclass is looser and baggier than he suggests, and not quite as monstrous.
In this age of sartorial pluralism, at least when it comes to pants, many adhere to the adage, "the baggier the better.
A similar-sized crowd had watched Wolves win here on a Monday night in March 1980, although inside the ground this weekend the shorts were mercifully baggier and outside there were rather fewer Ford Cortinas.
I always stayed away from tight clothes because friends would comment on how much weight I'd lost, so I thought the baggier I dressed, the less likely they were to point it out and the more comfortable I felt.
I have one lady who comes dressed in the same clothes each time and each time they look baggier and baggier on her.