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Add a pair of the longest, baggiest shorts around and it looked at one stage as if John Toshack was sending on a ball boy to replace Craig Bellamy.
Ah the joy of being a teenager in the Madchester era when you were positively encouraged to wear the biggest, baggiest jeans and T-shirts Chelsea Girl could stock.
Shopping for clothes was no longer about finding a new outfit to show off my best features but about finding the baggiest M&S drawstring trousers in size 18 to hide my growing bottom.
They should dress in their baggiest, most greying clothes and throw tins of vegetable soup down their front/ back/all of the above at regular intervals to recreate that famous desire stimulant baby puke.
Normally flat stomachs feel like a balloon is about to pop and even the comfiest, baggiest clothes rest awkwardly across a swollen belly Andnow the season of over indulgence is just around the corner, bloating is more of an issue than at any other time of year as we stuff ourselves silly with the kind of food and drink which can cause the tight, swollen feeling in your tummy.
For most of us, yoga classes are an opportunity to dig out our oldest leggings and baggiest T-shirts - and chill.
The Stone Roses' Fool's Gold sends me back into the baggiest of baggy jeans, and ludicrous psychedelic- hooded tops.