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I also suspect storage problems of some kind: The "sourish undertone" that one cupper complained about tasted like bagginess to me, a fault that often comes from contact with moisture after processing.
Men's pants are looser without the excessive bagginess we've seen in the past.
The 2,300 city kids are chatting, laughing, and flirting -- a sartorially challenged crowd that favors the unisex bagginess of '90s urban fashion.
His skin is almost brown and hangs in loose folds from the lower face, while under the chin, the bagginess falls like a pointed beard of flesh.
On one hand, the bagginess of the themes engaged -- "problems of subjectivity, truth and social intercourse" (p.
Bagginess and fullness beneath the eyes and excessive skin above them are improved by removal of the bags and tightening of the skin.
If some are born baggy, some achieve bagginess and some have bagginess thrust upon them, Baldwin was born baggy.
There is a bagginess of theme, and the connecting thread frays beyond repair when he begins to recount tales of lath-century adultery uncovered by eavesdropping servants.
A machine audit can't diagnose issues like bagginess, which is caused by film quality problems.
She's balanced out the bagginess with a loosefitting shirt.