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Hopefully she's had time to empty it first, but if not, Baggy will just get in on top of whatever's inside.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a CA spokesman branded the Baggy Green as 'iconic' and warned that the organisation would not look favourably upon the items being sold on the website as they are vigilant about protecting CA's intellectual property.
The baggy pants ban has already caused a good deal of debate in the small Louisiana town.
"Money talks, you're selling your pride, selling the baggy green, what price is it?
There is no way Joe and Baggy can cut down their masterpiece.
As they spent most of their working day on their knees, the trousers - already baggy because of the lack of braces - were also covered with squares of 'duck' material, known as 'bag patches' which had been expertly sewn on by the women of their humble households to cover any gaping holes.
So what is Andrew Asnes doing in a baggy, yellow tracksuit, surrounded by seven other guys in baggy yellow tracksuits, performing drill-team gymnastics?
"I like a lot of American fashion - big, baggy jeans and my favourite shop is Legends.
You Need: small heavy-duty Zip-loc baggy * large heavy-duty Zip-loc baggy * measuring spoons * measuring cups * sugar * vanilla extract * whole milk * crushed ice * coarse kosher salt
Two hundred students were asked to go home to change their clothes, especially baggy pants, tank tops and very short shorts.