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Apa Bagie, head of Mothers Against Bakun, put it this way on a recent pilgrimage to the far-away capital, Kuala Lumpur: "We are not anti-development....
This was disclosed by the Director General, Bauchi state Geographic Information Service (BAGIES) Honorable Baba Abubakar Suleiman at the commencement of the payment to over 633 people in Bauchi saying that the present administration begins payment of over N55 milion to over 633 people whose money range from N1000 to N150,000 to ease their sufferings.
For example, Bagies and Fortune [26] built a comprehensive list of bidding factors comprising 10 categories: (1) project characteristics, (2) business benefits, (3) client characteristics, (4) the contract, (5) project finance, (6) percentage of insurance premium, (7) firms' previous experience, (8) the bidding situation, (9) the economic situation, and (10) competition.