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seems to agree that modern-day equivalents to bailment ought not to be
the restraining notice, the debtor could have terminated the bailment
(148) The terms "slight" and "gross" negligence, as previously discussed, are historically rooted in the law of bailments, which recognized and adhered to degrees of negligence.
The depositors gain money on their deposit (i.e., the interest payment outweighs the storage and administration costs), but they also bear additional risk, owing to the fact that they have a partial-deposit-partial-loan arrangement with the bank rather than a pure bailment of goods.
Bailments are another example of this accumulation of remedies.
(23) The other was the implied-in-fact contract of bailment claim, the relevant version of the contract exception to sovereign immunity.
In 1996, after being in storage for a decade and a half, the YC-15 returned to flight status on bailment to Douglas to carry out research under the new C-X program, which led to today's C-17 Globemaster III airlifter.
Mr Edelman QC quoted from Palmer on Bailment, in which Norman Palmer distinguished between what he termed the 'colloquial' understanding of the word 'abandon' (where a person gives up a search for a lost object, but 'does not resign any proprietary or possessory claims') from the 'juristic' sense of the word (where a person casts a chattel away 'with the intention of divesting himself not only of possession but also of ownership').
You can almost hear the CGL singing Tom Petty: "Don't come around here no more." If bailment be your focus, inland marine be your game.
In some cases, the debate has been framed as one of tissue "guardianship" (or bailment) vs "ownership" (7).
(189) Legally, the only ways in which a person can acquire possession at the will of the owner are by way of (a) an at-will lease of real property, (b) a license of (i.e., the grant of permission to use) real or personal property, (190) or (c) a bailment of personal property.
For example, a garage is a bailee of a customer's (bailor's) car (the bailment) and a jeweler is a bailee of customer's jewelry while in for repair or appraisal.