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One who places control over or possession of Personal Property in the hands of another, a bailee, for its care, safekeeping, or use, in accordance to the terms of a mutual agreement.




n. a person who leaves goods in the custody of another, usually under a "contract of bailment", in which the custodian ("bailee") is responsible for the safekeeping and return of the property. Sometimes the bailor is not the owner but a person who is a servant of the owner or a finder (say, of jewelry) who places the goods with the bailee until the owner is found. (See: bailee, bailment)



BAILOR, contracts. He who bails a thing to another.
     2. The bailor must act with good faith towards the bailee; Story's Bailm. Sec. 74, 76, 77; permit him to enjoy the thing bailed according to contract; and, in some bailments, as hiring, warrant the title and possession of the thing hired, and probably, to keep it in suitable order and repair for the purpose of the bailment. Id. Sec. Vide Inst. lib. 3, tit. 25.

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The introduction of PPSA, with its emphasis on function of an interest rather than its form and its express inclusion of the interests of certain bailors, lessors and consignors, now expands the range of transactions in which artists and art organisations encounter rules pertaining to secured transactions.
It's turned into more of a thank you to our patrons," Bailor said.
As a general rule, the bailee owes the bailor the duty to use reasonable care to safeguard the property.
Generally, a bailee or nominee is an agent of the bailor.
Supermarkets can also categorize stores by type, sales or square footage, and compare sister sites," says Bailor.
Bernard Bailor, member of Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, D.
The relation between the bank and depositor in such a case is that of bailee and bailor.
On Monday, lead prosecutor DPP Noorin Badaruddin applied for a warrant of arrest to be issued against Uthayakumar and a show cause notice to his bailor.
141) Instead of Article 9, applicable bailment law regulates these transactions, (142) and Susan would have strong arguments as a bailor that she is entitled to the Picasso.
The subrogation condition also preserves the rights of the insurer when it comes to third parties such as a bailor or mortgagee.
He and his wife of 49 years, the former Bertha Bailor were married May 1, 1954.
The bailor had a duty to ensure that his chattel was as fit for the purpose for which it was hired as care and skill could render it.