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Former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin today said that the practice of government bailouts is necessary if it is done in the interest of the people.
The deal, which still needs approval by the IMF board in Washington, would be the 13th such bailout since the late 1980s.
'PPP went to the IMF for bailouts seven times but they never took the parliament on board', he claimed, 'they never brought the details of bailout packages in the parliament', he added.
On Saturday, newly appointed Adviser on Finance Dr Hafeez Shaikh discussed the progress on the impending bailout package with the IMF.
He said during his recent visit to Washington DC, the both sides were agreed in principle to finalize bailout package agreement.
The International Monetary Fund on Monday said that it held 'constructive discussions' with Pakistani authorities during last week's spring meetings in Washington and that its mission will be visiting Pakistan 'before the end of April to continue the discussions' on a bailout package.
He said during his meetings with the IMF officials in Bali, Indonesia, the two sides expressed the desire that it might be the last bailout package for Pakistan.
The details of the Bailout have not been released yet- it is uncertain yet if the bailout is in terms of a loan on commercial terms- which would be detrimental- or if there are undesirable strings attached with the Saudi grant.
ODYSSEY, AKA BAILOUT Dressed casually in a white open shirt and slacks, Tsipras drew frequent analogies with the Odyssey, in which the hero was called to deal with the Cyclops, sirens and unruly suitors plotting to take his place -- a dig at the opposition New Democracy party, which is leading in opinion polls.
The bailout programs from 2010-2018 came alongside major austerity drives, and Greek's national trauma of the last decade has been all too palpable for citizens of the country.
Addressing the post budget press conference flanked by adviser to PM on Revenue Haroon Akhtar Khan, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Tariq Pasha and Secretary Finance Arif Khan, he said the government had no intention to get any bailout package from IMF as effective economic strategy had been put in place to improve national economy.
Rick Perrys bailout directive to FERC, which is supposed to be an independent agency, is outrageous enough, but the fact that commissioners are actually considering even an interim bailout with no evidence that calls for it is appalling.