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The main targets of the draft budget will not differ from the estimates in the bailout," a finance ministry official told Reuters.
The bailout is conditional on Greece imposing stringent spending cuts and tax hikes - measures Mr Tsipras won elections in January vowing to repeal.
This new bailout will fail, just like the other two, and Greece's economy will continue its plunge back into its ongoing six-year depression.
Greece's earlier refusal to accept harsh bailout terms was "enough to shake Americans' confidence in the US economy, but confidence then rebounded as quickly as it fell", the pollster noted.
Ms Merkel acknowledged concerns over the chances of a successful bailout but said the alternative would be chaos in Greece.
The final deadline for achieving an agreement on Geek bailout is set for Sunday.
Greece and its eurozone partners had reached a deal last month to extend its bailout programme by four months.
NLPC has been a persistent critic of the auto bailout during both the Bush and Obama administrations.
Negotiators for the "troika" 6 a trio of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund 6 said in a statement that the staff-level agreement will cut more public sector jobs, a move critical to meeting the conditions of the original bailout.
According to PSM spokesman Shazim Akhtar, PSM had to enhance production up to 60 precent in first phase by the end of August 2013, while Rs11 billion bailout package will be given through single trench in a shape of soft loan being provided by National Bank of Pakistan under the federal government guarantee.
Under the new legislation, the government will split the island's failing lenders into good and bad banks in a bid to clinch a bailout from the European Union and avert a financial meltdown.
The ECB will stop giving funds to Cypriot banks if a new bailout plan is not negotiated until Friday, March 22, according to Austria's Minister of Finance Maria Fekter.