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IMF chief Christine Lagarde and the eurozone's 19 finance ministers are meeting with hopes riding high that the talks will secure the release of the latest segment of Greece's 86 billion euro ($97 billion) bailout agreed in 2015.
The ratings agency said that the bailout could create a vicious circle of dependency between the sovereign and its banking sector and reignite concerns about the 'doom loop.
Greece wants debt relief and the country's inclusion in the ECB's bond buying programme to regain market access by 2018, when the current bailout programme expires.
Any reasonable definition of bailouts will need to encompass "good" (or at least uncontroversial) bailouts as well as "bad" bailouts.
Ms Merkel acknowledged concerns over the chances of a successful bailout but said the alternative would be chaos in Greece.
The final deadline for achieving an agreement on Geek bailout is set for Sunday.
McKinley makes a strong case that bailouts are not an optimal solution, but his conclusion that all failed institutions should simply be closed (though intellectually satisfying to believers in free markets) is politically naive.
The new bailout conditions do not go as far as they did in Cyprus, though, where senior bondholders and uninsured depositors took a hit.
The measures involved: cutting interest rates on bailout loans; extending maturities of loans; returning profits made by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the purchase of Greek bonds to Greece; and buybacks of Greek debt by the Euro zone from the private sector.
Finland has been granted a 770 million cash payment to secure its contribution to the Spanish bailout.
If a bailout were necessary, the 77-year-old agency wouldn't need congressional approval.
Green carefully defines the newly popular term “bailout” and shows how it functions in our society when government gives financial assistance to private enterprise, but then she smartly asks these broader questions: What other types of bailouts exist and is this a “new” idea?