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Bear baiting is prohibited in Montana, which has a substantial grizzly population, as well as in Oregon and Washington.
TOP: Every PH has his favorite bait and favorite baiting technique.
Surveillance during rabies vaccine baiting operations in Ohio suggests that human and domestic animal contacts with baits are rare.
"As much as using a top quality bait, we know that good rat and mouse control depends upon putting down plenty of baiting points covering all the main areas of rodent activity and keeping them well topped-up.
The use of a fish + formulated bait combination was previously demonstrated to be an effective baiting strategy at temperatures exceeding 19[degrees]C (Romaire & Osorio 1989; Huner et al.
Our aim was to provide data so that optimal and cost-effective baiting strategies could be designed.
Pc Andy Mason, based at Monmouth Police Station, will attend the conference in Llandrindod Wells and talk about "Operation Foxtail" which was set up in February last year to tackle badger baiting.
By lucky accident, he says, he was there for the start of the gull baiting. Gulls lurked around the park, ready to snatch fish at feeding time, and occasionally an orca snapped up a careless bird for a meal or entertainment.
At least 2 days after the initial baiting period, each point was rebaited, such that every point was baited with both split and clumped bait types.
In 1995, a study by Jeff Short, Bruce Turner and Reg Carnamah from CSIRO, and Danielle Risbey from Murdoch University, tested the effectiveness of baiting feral cats with poisoned mice.
"Lesbian baiting is a ready weapon of sexual harassment," says Michelle Benecke, a former Army officer and the co-executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a Washington, D.C.
Baiting up with a mackerel steak, for example, is a no-no.