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The low percentage of persons who were aware of the baiting operation at the time of bait contact suggests that public outreach strategies should be evaluated and modified to enhance public awareness.
As much as using a top quality bait, we know that good rat and mouse control depends upon putting down plenty of baiting points covering all the main areas of rodent activity and keeping them well topped-up.
The use of a fish + formulated bait combination was previously demonstrated to be an effective baiting strategy at temperatures exceeding 19[degrees]C (Romaire & Osorio 1989; Huner et al.
Our aim was to provide data so that optimal and cost-effective baiting strategies could be designed.
Baiting is just another tool in the management efforts in these urban/suburban counties where hunter access is difficult, but the need to control deer numbers is increasingly important," said Feaser.
The baiting behavior has been a mixed blessing for the park, says Noonan.
The difference in food monopoly based on bait presentation has implications for the other studies that depend upon baiting to study inter-specific interactions in ants (some examples are: Delabie et al.
The other vital element to success was picking the timing of baiting by knowing how the major prey items in the cat's diet were changing in abundance,' Short says.
Baiting plans will be revised as needed, based on weather and the potential discovery of additional rabies locations.
A downside of baiting is that it draws the attention of more than just catfish.
Field trials, conducted in Abbottabad - Balakot (Pakistan), suggested that consumption of groundnut - maize (1:1) bait poisoned with zinc phosphide, offered after three nights of pre-baiting practice, exhibited a decline and negligible amount of bait was consumed on 3rd night of poison baiting.
I live in Wisconsin where baiting has absolutely ruined public deer hunting.