balance against

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This letter Lady Bellaston thought would certainly turn the balance against Jones in the mind of Sophia, and she was emboldened to give it up, partly by her hopes of having him instantly dispatched out of the way, and partly by having secured the evidence of Honour, who, upon sounding her, she saw sufficient reason to imagine was prepared to testify whatever she pleased.
My conscience, my faith, and although that counts for little, my political career, were in the balance against my love for you.
Do you believe there is any chance of her consent, to balance against the outrage it would be to her (loving dear old lady
Chickenstalker: always inclined to corpulency, even in the days when he had known her as established in the general line, and having a small balance against him in her books.
Payment Terms: 95 Percent Payment Against Rites Ic And Receipted Challan And Balance Against R/Note
Together with income generation ideas we're looking at what we can do, but that requires balance against the private sector.
Your dancers grip it, check their balance against it, and slide their legs along it.
Howley was one of five star names who came on after an hour to help tip the balance against a plucky Leeds side, coached by former Wales forward Phil Davies.
WESTBROM manager Gary Megson says he will not be satisfied with simply boosting the club's bank balance against Manchester United in the Carling Cup tie at the Hawthorns.
There's ample urban boogie-woogie in the way the aluminum's odd curves balance against those sharp-edged, irregularly sized color patches, and Root's palette--favoring chocolate browns and metal grays enlivened by lemon, lavender, or cherry--exhibits something of Tuttle's knowing innocence.
But something will be done to redress the balance against working-class youngsters.