balance owed

See: debt
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However The Application Is Used By 40 Housing Staff As Their Primary Enquiry Tool For Rents Issues And Also To Manage The Rental Balance Owed By Tenants.
The three liens bring Construction Enterprises' alleged total balance owed to nearly $1.
The press release noted that about 72 percent of those refinancing their first mortgage maintained roughly the same loan amount or lowered their balance owed by bringing cash to the closing table.
The debt represents the outstanding balance owed on a 2012 loan of $150,000 that Stephens personally guaranteed.
As a result of this exercise, the previously prevailing uncertainty as regards the balance owed to SBP has been eliminated and an amount of Rs 89.
Dana, which holds 40 per cent of the consortium, has said it collected $69 million from the KRG in early 2013 but the flow of funds then dried up, leaving a trade receivables balance owed to Dana alone of $515 million at the end of last year -- up from $354 million at the end of 2012.
Any unpaid balance owed to the creditors is known as a deficiency.
The court heard that Allen, of Clos Sant Cattwg, St Fagans, has since lodged the balance owed with solicitors ready to be handed over.
75% series A preferred stock primarily to retire the outstanding balance owed under the senior subordinated notes issued to Caltius and reduce the amount outstanding under its credit facility with Bank of America, NA (BofA).
When we started our initial investigation, we found out that we did see significant gaps in time before we were able to identify a prospect with an eviction or a balance owed to a previous community," explains Michelle Betchner, former Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Alliance (now with Riverstone Residential).
In some cases, the balance owed can be reduced, or taxes may be paid through an affordable payment plan.
5 percent on the balance owed, plus interest of 3 percent per year, compounded daily.