balance to pay

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The operations, however, will 'continue as normal' until the said date; hence, it urged its customers to use their Wunder Wallet balance to pay for their rides and to 'withdraw' their balances.
Further, the net proceeds will be used by the operating partnership to pay back bank term notes along with swap breakage fees related therewith and the balance to pay amounts owed under its unsecured line of credit.
This shift reflects our increased appetite to offer a much-needed lifeline for customers approaching the end of their existing interest-only mortgage with a large outstanding balance to pay, who wish to avoid downsizing.
"These coverage ratio factors imply that the firm had to dip into the beginning cash balance to pay the dividend, which suggests a low dividend quality," CapitalCube noted.
Thomson Reuters plans to use about USD1 billion of the net proceeds to buy back shares and the balance to pay down debt and reinvest in the business.
In his FINRA records, he argues that he used a "command account" at Wells Fargo "in the standard manner" and that "at no time was my account considered to have an insufficient balance to pay checks." The advisor also insists that he was "not advised at any time that the bank policies had changed."
They need to change the programme to exclude the EPP amounts from the balance to pay total and not to simply add the total and calculate interest.
For most such policies, the charges for mortality and expenses are deducted from the account value, and so long as there is a sufficient account balance to pay the charges in any given month, the policy stays in force.
Capgemini has used its net cash balance to pay for the acquisition.
But the letter, on npower headed paper, said: "We have checked your account and there is a balance to pay of pounds 90,454,217.
PERS employers pay a percentage of their employees' salaries into the retirement fund at a rate intended to maintain an adequate balance to pay retirement benefits.
I WANT a low-rate credit card as I've a balance to pay off.