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Wang, "Effects of virtual-reality based balance training on posture control in Parkinson's disease," Proceedings of the Physiological Society, vol.
(IRB number: 0902-039-272) and informed consent were obtained from all patients prior to the allocation and balance training tests.
Assessments were measured on the balance training apparatus during six different conditions: free-floating handles with eyes open and eyes closed (Figure 2(a)), freestanding with eyes open and eyes closed (Figure 2(b)), and stationary handrail with eyes open and eyes closed (Figure 2(c)).
Figures 3A and 3B show the changes in [DELTA]RMS angular velocity of the platform movement (Panel A) and [DELTA]RMS head acceleration (Panel B) during balance training and detraining.
All the participants were screened by an experienced physician and were found eligible to participate in balance training.
The results of this pilot study suggests that the boxing game on the Nintendo Wii is a feasible balance training tool for patients with spinal cord injuries; however, well controlled clinical trials need to be conducted to determine whether it is an effective balance training tool.
There are various balance training tactics that could be implemented to reach equilibrium.
Systematic review of postural control and lateral ankle instability, part II: is balance training clinically effective?
The Walk Training Assist and the Balance Training Assist robots support patients' rehabilitation for regaining walking and balancing abilities.
The second webinar, "Exercise and Effects on the Brain", will address: Health benefits of exercise; Types of exercise: strength training, balance training, pain management, range of motion; Factors influencing progress: motivation, impulsivity, safety awareness; Research on exercise and neuroplasticity--the brain's ability to reorganize itself and adapt to change
Many industrial training facilities advertise 'proprioceptive training' as if it is newer and more effective balance training for preventing injuries.
Often, we work on the core board so I can add balance training in the mix."