balanced contrast

See: antithesis
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The phone balanced contrast and exposures quite well throughout this shootout, although it offered similar level of detail as the Honor 9i.
Salvatore Ferragamo women's fall/winter 2017 collection Ferragamo women's footwear design director Paul Andrew created a footwear collection that offers the ultimate Ferragamo attitude with a wide range of classic hues, balanced contrast, and the option of a bold thick heel or no heel all.
This collection offers a balanced contrast that is underlined by the light gold colored metal, enriching each piece of furniture with bright decorative effects.
At Mason Capital, wood finishes are paired with white work stations, glass and unfinished (raw) steel framing creating a balanced contrast between modern day thought and old-world values--respectability and credibility.
the chronological trajectory of the novels can be said to form a great chiasmus, in which the sense of intrahistoria that had pervaded Paz en la guerra returns in San Manuel Bueno; the 'nivolesque' qualities manifested in Amor y pedagogia and Niebla reappear in many of the aspects of Como se hate una novela; and the novels of passion present a balanced contrast between two aspects of what Unamuno sought to achieve when he said that in them 'intente escarbar enciertos sotanos y escondrijos del corazon'.
Some of the ideas about how mapping `works' may not be new to geographers, but Clayton's nuanced analysis of the effects of Vancouver's cartography provide a balanced contrast to the other `islands of truth' about Vancouver Island described in previous sections.