balanced judgment

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A noted lecturer, teacher, clinician and true thought leader in our specialty, he will use his educational experience and fair, balanced judgment to lead The Aesthetic Society in shaping the aesthetic landscape.
So I feel that it was a very balanced judgment and one that makes me happy," he said.
These inquiries are your opportunity to sell your strengths, balanced judgment, and resolve.
There is no evidence that exterminating the animals will curb TB in cows and a vote in favour of a cull was a victory for blinkered reaction over balanced judgment.
The website leads users through the maze of specifications and gives them the opportunity to compare products from different suppliers and read other professionals' reviews in order to reach a balanced judgment before buying.
They require finely balanced judgment based on individual circumstances and must always be subjected to the proper editorial controls.
His experience, sure touch and balanced judgment are stamped all over the present volume.
The author remembers Ratzinger as a patient listener who exercised balanced judgment without compromising his convictions.
Judge Fecteau brings to the Appeals Court extensive experience as a fair and practical trial jurist who is admired in Worcester and beyond for his commitment to his work and community and his balanced judgment," Mr.
Police Minister Tony McNulty defended them, saying they had to make a "finely balanced judgment.
With the most scrupulous, balanced judgment and the most exhaustive research Weber has produced a book that defies the usual cliche of being magisterial but proves to be rather a pivot, pilot, and pioneer in the immediate field of the Spanish colonial empire and a compass for the broader historiographical subject of the borderlands in the context of history's empires and of other political constructs.

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