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Key Words: Complete dentures, Occlusion, balanced occlusion, canine guided occlusion, patient satisfaction.
2,3 Among them balanced occlusion, lingualized occlusion4, monoplane occlusion, canine guided occlusion have been employed with varying degrees of success.
USA) and with balanced occlusion created using average condylar angles.
Recontouring the existing natural teeth to produce an uniform occlusal plane and establishment of balanced occlusion can reduce the incidence to some extent.
Artificial teeth should be precisely set on the crest of the residual alveolar ridge or slightly lingual to it and a balanced occlusion should be established to reduce the frequency of denture failure.
Lateral guidance can be established by canine guided occlusion, group function and bilateral balanced occlusion.
A balanced occlusion in natural dentition with normal periodontium is difficult to find.
Further work by other investigators resulted in balanced occlusion being replaced with unilateral balanced occlusion, otherwise known as 'group function'.
Many types of occlusal schemes including monoplane occlusion, canine-guided occlusion, balanced occlusion and lingualized occlusion have been proposed with varying success degree.
The objective of the study was to compare the masticatory efficiency with balanced occlusion and lingualized occlusion in complete denture wearers.