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Linear programming (LP) involves using matrix algebra to find the combination of feedstuffs that will produce a balanced ration at the least cost (an optimized ration).
The computer will develop the cheapest possible balanced ration given the constraints placed on feedstuffs and nutrients.
Nutritionists and feeders must recognize this fact because it is wrong to simply add more of a particular feedstuff to a balanced ration without removing an equal amount of dry matter from some other feedstuff(s).
The thing for the farmer to do is to raise the feeds he requires on his own farm, as far as possible, and it is possible to produce practically all that is needed to make a balanced ration.
If an abundance of any one of these hays is on hand, the problem of making an economical balanced ration is very much simplified.
The amount of the IdleMin/Vit to feed is the total amount of its component ingredients in the balanced ration.
If the grass hay in this balanced ration weighs 2 lb.
A proper feeding schedule, a balanced ration, and daily exercise are essential to keeping the dog in proper body condition and to maximize its longevity.
Dr Muhammad Irfan Zahid informed the audience about roadmap to improve the productivity of livestock, selection of animals, use of balanced rations and health care of the animals etc.
The manufacturing technique prevents toxins and oxidized fats from ending up in the product and guarantees balanced rations of the pure, potent benefits of EPA and DHA.
Brooder stoves, laying mash, balanced rations, insect control, sanitation and culling have decreased the labor cost and feed cost.
With the exception of the carnivorous cat, crude protein concentrations in balanced rations for terrestrial livestock typically range from 8 to 22 percent, dry matter basis.

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