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He looked dazed and confused and in a split second I saw him hanging onto the balcony rail, I don't know what happened.
Smith points out covered porches inspired by gracious North Carolina homes and the contrast between ornate American balcony rail designs and Caribbean board styles.
But he was forced to go down to Irpounds 20,000 to get started and Goffs managing director Matt Mitchell, peering anxiously over the balcony rail, looked in vain for the day's two big spenders.
It's as if someone is carrying him, then throwing his body over the balcony rail," Blanco's mother Sheila Blanco told
Police suspect he lost his balance after clambering on to the balcony rail.
The master bedroom has a glazed door to the balcony rail.
On the orchestra, Mr I Jacobs' string band played a selection of music, and, in front of the balcony rail, were rugby footballs, Indian clubs, etc, together with a portrait of Arthur Gould and a photograph of Thornbury, the house which formed the testimonial.
A model schoolboy plunged 60ft to his death after a hoodie gang stamped on his fingers as he clung on to a tower block balcony rail.
The sun was soon to cover the balcony and what made the situation even worse, was the fact that she was also tied to the balcony rail by a very short lead which totally restricted her movement.
The two found the woman on the sixth floor squeezing underneath a balcony rail as she saw them approach.
Helen Moran, 37, climbed over a balcony rail and plunged to the basement path.
Leaning against a balcony rail, bracing themselves in photographic apprehension, their sanguinity and youthful optimism are, well, poignant.