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The Tory response is: "We are at our best when we are baldest.
So long ago that Alydar's trainer, John Veitch, now is recognized less as a trainer than as the baldest talking head in network sports.
But until you walked in I was the baldest man here.
The baldest prose Reportage was called for, that would reach The widest public in the shortest time.
194 reads: "Although Tim Redman argues forcefully that this canto contributes nothing particularly new to Pound's poem and is not, in the context of his work, unusually shocking, I believe it does offer the baldest, the most direct expression of the ambivalences and contradictions underlying Pound's utopian vision.
Which made it slightly ironic that Leicester's Esteban Cambiasso, bearer of the roundest and baldest head of them all, ended up as the fall guy.
Not that he has much hair as it's a toss-up between him and Steven Anderson over who is the baldest player in the squad.
In a famous and important letter to Frank Budgen, Joyce describes his purpose in "Ithaca": "Not only will the reader know everything and know it in the baldest coldest way, but Bloom and Stephen thereby become heavenly bodies, wanderers like the stars at which they gaze" (Letters I, 159160).