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Balding said: "I'm delighted to continue presenting the major racing events for Channel 4 and be part of their exciting plans for 2016 by helping broadcast them to the widest possible audience.
Balding, older brother of Derby-winning handler Ian, and uncle to broadcaster Clare and current trainer Andrew, was a teenager when taking out a licence upon the death of his father in 1956.
Balding, the brother of Mill Reef''s trainer Ian and uncle to current top Flat trainer Andrew and TV presenter Clare retired from the training ranks in 2004.
Bert Le Clos - father of swimmer Chad - became an internet sensation with his emotional interview with Balding after his boy pipped Michael Phelps at the post to take gold for South Africa in the 200m butterfly at London 2012.
Nearly 44 percent of men reported no balding, about 42 percent of men reported moderate balding and 14 percent reported extensive balding at 45 years old.
His main goal in life is now to invite all of his fellow balding brothers to join him there.
Balding said: "I suppose the main ones would be Arabian Star in the Royal Hunt Cup and there's Lay Time in the Windsor Forest.
Balding said: ''He's taken his race well and pleased me since Epsom.
Analysis revealed that any balding present at age 20 (stage II-IV) was associated with an increased incidence of prostate cancer later in life [odds ratio (OR) 2.
All study participants were asked to report any personal history of prostate cancer and their fathers' histories of the same, and to describe their balding pattern at ages 20, 30, and 40 along with their fathers', using a set of four images adapted from the Hamilton-Norwood scale of male pattern baldness.
Anticipating season-defining moments aplenty around the corner, Balding said it is time for Newcastle to prove themselves worthy of top-flight European action.
It seems a long while since his father, Ian, masterminded the career of the great Mill Reef from the same base, but the younger Balding has saddled a Classic winner of his own in Casual Look.