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That imagined reality fuels, in turn, a text where a baldly constative tone coaxes the reader into a labyrinth of doubt.
Not if you put it quite so baldly, and certainly not in front of your wife and children, Michael
RACE ace Dario Franchitti has baldly wagered his hair on a big race.
One of IRC's services is baldly stated on its website: 'Deunionisation of workplace'.
Contrary to the baldly political suggestions regarding lower gasoline prices by President Bush and Sen.
The report baldly points out that "inadequate risk management, irresponsible lending, excessive debt and complex financial instruments pose significant risks to financial stability" and it suggests that "a comprehensive reform of EU regulatory and supervisory arrangements is necessary".
THERE is an old stage direction, probably somewhere in Shakespeare's canon, that baldly states 'confusion reigns', and there could be no more telling summary of the state of the Derby market after Tartan Bearer took yesterday's Dante.
Clarke states baldly that the ECB is not interested in the Indian Premier League, that the sums bandied around are fanciful and that the likes of Andrew Flintoff can earn just as much money by staying with their central contracts and picking up some handsome earners on the side.
examines that artist's Allegories of Love paintings, a title he disputes since The Fountain of Love, The Oath of Love and other works in the series are hardly allegories but baldly reverent depictions of romantic love.
How best to distract yourself when the Senate Ethics Committee is looking into your conviction in a sex sting and your hometown paper is publishing the alleged details of your gay sex life, the existence of which you baldly deny?
We are far more intrigued by the idea of flitting back and forth in history than we are interested in Russell Brand look-alikes beaming down as Patrick Stewart baldly goes about his business.
We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran," the document baldly states in a grand exaggeration.