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Keep in mind when you're baling or purchasing hay that the more densely packed a bale is, the less moisture it'll absorb.
Still, the IRS fined Bale $25,000 as an "intentional disregard" penalty for each form not submitted and a $50 late fee for a total of $100,200.
To achieve this, the key element is bale density, and according to Nasianceno, there is practically no limit to how dense recyclers should make their bales.
How many of us must have larked around on haystacks as children and disturbed neatly stacked bales in order to make snug little houses?
In late summer of 1969, I learned about the Australian Econ Fodder Roller baler that made a 300-lb ground-rolled bale. It was patented by P.
To achieve that, we need to compress the padding as much as possible and then keep it that way, in dense, neat bales. That's why our baler equipment is so important to our productivity."
Sage Automation became interested in this area due to customer complaints about poor quality wrap and excess film on the bale. Sage has refurbished older bale wrappers for some time now, and saw areas where the older designs could be improved for quality and reliability.
(4) While they have added to our knowledge about Askew and produced notable insights, most of these recent studies have been marked by a certain critical imbalance: they have emphasized Askew herself, as a heroine and as an author, while neglecting the role of her early editors, Bale and Foxe.
After cotton is pressed, six or eight metal or plastic bands or wires, called bale ties, are wrapped around the bale to keep it intact for shipping and handling.
Efforts to recycle woven PP from bale wrap and bulk bags is driven by textile companies that want an outlet for their waste, since several states, including the big textile states of North and South Carolina, ban landfilling of plastics.
Bale 8, Rodriguez 9 GOAL THREAT Bale fired 22 goals in 40 matches for Real last season, including the ones that mattered most.
Every baler has a charge box opening--the area where material must pass through in the baling chamber in order to be pressed into the bale.