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September 19 ( ANI ): The United States President Donald Trump in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly lambasted North Korea, Iran and Venezuela and warned them of severe response to their baleful actions.
China's xenophobic zeal has worked to consistently de-legitimise the Muslim Uighurs in their own territory -- with their religion, language, customs and traditions finding little space to flourish under China's baleful glare.
Julian Close's baleful, commanding bass tones and natural sense of line were perfectly suited to an aria from one Verdi's greatest operas, Simon Boccanegra, his cavernous, sepulchral registers combining with venomous consonants and hooded eyes to make him a fearsome Hunding in Act One of Wagner's Die Walkure.
George, I hope I am not exceeding my brief if I urge you to look at the baleful effects of stamp duty in London, which is stamping on the fingers of those who are trying to climb the property ladder.
He said: "There was nothing symbolic about her death because her baleful influence on British politics remains undiminished.
Punjab government has sent a coordinated dengue plan for eradication of baleful dengue virus to towns and Tehsil municipal administrations.
The kids - and there were a lot - would gather round and he would cast his baleful stare.
Regrettably the article makes no reference to that other light in the corner of nearly every living room, directing a baleful stream of physical and emotional abuse towards young and old alike on a daily basis.
Having goofed in missing the subprime crisis, ratings agencies are now having an equally baleful impact on the splintering euro zone.
He added that the Socialists have responsibility toward the nation not to allow for another term of the center-right GERB government of PM Boyko Borisov, which he described as baleful.
Families who seek and provide care for children should be free to work out mutually satisfactory arrangements, free from the often baleful influence of union politics.
The miners strike and the baleful influence of Maxwell, with whom I fought a long war, put an unbridgable chasm between us.