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For Runners Up, for example, I chose two stories that could easily have won any ordinary contest: first, "Blood by Blood," with its evocation of a brother love that survives despite everything, and an imminent endtimes balefully anticipated by a hardscrabble place and a hardscrabble sensibility.
It will stare back, balefully. Furthermore, the radiating ripples from the nation's overdue reconsideration of present practices may reach beyond matters of crime and punishment, to basic truths about governance.
It is not sufficient, for instance, to argue that the Jesuits simply fell victim to the tides of something called "The Enlightenment." We can concede that the self-fashioned champions of reason and progress had many hurtful things to say and write about the Society of Jesus: it was routinely portrayed as a balefully obscurantist religious order, and the philosophes of France were not slow to claim the credit for destroying the Jesuits in their own nation.
After breakfast we were summoned once again by the Boy Scout bugle to a meeting of the whole jamboree over in the wooden stands that looked balefully out on the racetrack's infield, where no baseball would ever be played.
That would be if the late great St Swithin had the power to control the weather, but I fear that as you read this on Wednesday you'll balefully look out of the window as next door's car floats past shortly followed by the dog kennel with a perplexed hound peering out.
The bull pawed the ground, plowed it with his horn, bellowing balefully at the frightened herd.
In the charmless business park where his studio is located, oil derricks nod balefully in empty lots beside the road.
The only moment of intrigue came right at the start, the first episode unexpectedly kicking off in the present day with our coiffeured, six-packed hero Jason staring balefully out to sea as though auditioning for a sexy ad for Ginsters pasties.
Today, Bale is the world's most expensive footballer at PS86million, Forecast is turning out against Hayes & Yeading in the Skrill Conference South and Saints are reflecting balefully (geddit?) on the PS20m sell-on fee that got away.
His front knees buckled momentarily but then he shook his formidable head and eyed it balefully. A few test sniffs and he rammed it with his head producing an admirable bell-like tone from its hollow depths.
A huge red orb flamed balefully, and in that split second I saw the head of a massive buffalo.
A large Syrian flag flutters from the top of a red-roofed customs building, while two portraits of Syrian President Bashar Assad on the side stare balefully across the river at Lebanon.