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The only moment of intrigue came right at the start, the first episode unexpectedly kicking off in the present day with our coiffeured, six-packed hero Jason staring balefully out to sea as though auditioning for a sexy ad for Ginsters pasties.
Today, Bale is the world's most expensive footballer at PS86million, Forecast is turning out against Hayes & Yeading in the Skrill Conference South and Saints are reflecting balefully (geddit?
HAYWARD GALLERY' * October 8-December 15 * Curated by Stephanie Rosenthal * Dayanita Singh's largest survey to date will feature a broad selection of the New Delhi--based photographer's work, ranging from her 19892001 photo-essay about her friendship with a eunuch, Myself Mona Ahmed, to her balefully tinted "Blue Book" series, 2008, as well as seven wooden "portable museums" freshly fabricated for this show.
I have known several dogs that have howled balefully after losing a close companion, whether another dog or person.
His front knees buckled momentarily but then he shook his formidable head and eyed it balefully.
A large Syrian flag flutters from the top of a red-roofed customs building, while two portraits of Syrian President Bashar Assad on the side stare balefully across the river at Lebanon.
It's just me and the dogs," he said, looking balefully down my top.
Traffic lights are ignored, unless the burly police officer with a walkie-talkie is on the crossroads and looking balefully at anyone who dares look at him.
Painfully thin adults in raggedy clothes, staring balefully at the camera in a fetid refugee camp.
The truth is that a number of papers occasionally drop the odd card, although the red tops hold the line, staring balefully at each other and refusing to be the first to blink.
Bronze-robed monks line the stage, the overture's D minor introduction wails balefully - and Caird's pointless bit of on-stage business for Leporello looks even more redundant.
Geoff stares balefully at Lucy, his eyebrows raised.