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I have never seen a game end in a balk, that was crazy,'' Oxford starting pitcher Dennis Sneade said after he hoisted the title trophy high above his head.
Here, Balk couched his art in relocation, a shuffling of objects.
Residents "turn to us because they balk at the nursing home environment; they are looking for more of a residential model.
If you're the one assigning people to mentor and they balk, let them off the hook.
Nicholas Loope, FATA, and COO, Charles Marsden, PE, concluded the agreement to merge Kenneth Balk and Associates Inc.
It had minimum reporting functions,' says Mike Balk, director of technical services for InterAmerica.
Because Flowers interfered with Pederson by popping out too soon and stepping on the plate, Teheran should be charged with a balk.
That's when Bard was hit with his first balk, which allowed Hosmer to score and sent Moustakas to second base.
Dethlefsen & Balk is known around the world of tea as a strong and reliable partner, one that combines the Hanseatic tea tradition with modern business culture.
The farm, off Green Balk Lane, currently has 66 stables and provides riding courses for 60 Kirklees College students.
In this highly personal view of Western History, from the Egyptians to the beginning of the twentieth century, Balk, a Finnish writer, mixes known information with a commentary on beliefs that were ignored or suppressed by mainstream society.
Some legislatures balk because rigorous requirements in bills to report bullying incidents are considered too costly or otherwise "burdensome" for school districts to implement, Ferrell says.