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National recommendations for the ideal level of calcium intake vary around the world, Balk said, but in most countries average intake is lower than recommended.
Balk knows his strong opinions on smartphones aren't widely shared.
"I think it (the balk) was terrible,'' said Bilodeau, who added that he asked for, but didn't get an explanation from the umpires.
If the US balks on IMF reform, adjusting control based on capital quotas, impatient countries may form an alternative organization
The customers are allowed to decide whether to join or balk or renege, that is, leave after joining the queue without getting served.
Dethlefsen & Balk GmbH, is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.
Balk Dach is not expected to continue its operations.
The court found instead that the lease was binding by its terms and as a matter of law on Smith, the landlord's devisee, and the Balk Family Trust, Smith's grantee.
Nutritionists may balk, but ramen inventor Ando Momofuku, who claimed to eat his creation every day and lived until the age of 96, would no doubt be proud.
That the title of this exhibition, "Dennis Balk: Early Work 1890-2090," turned out to seem plausible was only the first of its many twists.
However, the dictionary tells a different story, where to 'baulk' or 'balk' is to thwart, check progress or to frustrate.
David Balk, assistant chief of staff at Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.