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To determine the vibrations generated in a ball bearing, a model must be created to find the equations that define its movement.
UBC's self-aligning ball bearings are largely used in light to medium belt conveyors and wood working machineries.
Simon Dale, the council's head of direct services said: "Stockton Show is a growing and popular family event which has been run successfully by the council for around 25 years and we certainly would not condone the giving away of ball bearing guns as part of prizes.
Police have been called to several incidents in the district this year involving ball bearing guns.
In proof of concept experiments, the rotor turned at more than 500 rpm even though the air gap was only 10 micrometers--a feat only possible because of the consistency and reliability of the ball bearing supports.
PC Ian Cole, from Bromsgrove police, said: "Obviously it is unacceptable to fire ball bearings at a dog.
Rastafarian Levi Tafari Genesis was gunned down with an imitation firearm which had been converted to fire ball bearings.
From the smallest bearing we make to the largest, PKB is responding to the needs of the aerospace community with competitive prices, the shortest leadtimes in the industry, and extremely high precision ball bearings.
The main spindles of high-speed machining centers and combined machine tools typically use duplex angular ball bearings in the front and either duplex angular ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings in the rear.
Featuring a multi-step sleeve design, ConCentra ball bearing units are built to provide a secure and concentric fit.
Armed police boss Insp Bob Barnett said selling ball bearing guns to children should be banned after the drama at Our Lady's primary, Hereford.
Ball bearing is the easy-on/easy-off solution for all ball bearing application needs.