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Speaking of those ions from an electron's perspective, Heller notes that "you fly over ballistically, but they deflect you a little bit.
The new Train (T) & Defend (D) line has ballistically matched affordable practice ammunition to dependable defense loads.
Much like the sadly neglected 16-gauge with its ballistically efficient 1-ounce "square" load, the 28 patterns its 3/4-ounce load well and has become a first choice for the uplands.
1 and April 1, consumers will receive two customized, ballistically matched adjustment dials at no extra cost with their VX CDS riflescope purchase.
Of course, laser rangefinders with built-in tilt compensation have arrived, providing ballistically compensated ranges to targets addressed from elevated positions.
Tungsten and bismuth are ballistically superior to lead shot, but the metal is not as abundant, which drives the price higher.
As I knelt down I felt cool and calm and then I went ballistically evil.
Electrons move ballistically down nanotubes and don't scatter about as they do in other conducting materials, such as copper and aluminum cables.
The mixed metal bullets are ballistically more enhanced, they are more lethal and give us more range," he said.
Surface-to-air missile fire is normally controlled by radar but there is a hazard turning on radar against our aircraft, a very certain hazard, so the firing crews have decided not to turn on their radar and fire the missiles ballistically.
Police documents shown to us reveal that, two years after the 1974 shooting, Detective X gave this Baretta to a Special Branch Inspector called Jimmy Blair, who had it ballistically tested and confirmed it as the weapon used in the attack.