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According to Rheimetall the Assegai will be the first complete family of 155 mm ammunition specifically designed for 52 calibre guns to receive Nato qualification, in IHE, visual Illumination, IR Illumination and Red Phosphorus smoke versions, all ballistically matched and with interchangeable base-bleed and boat tail.
You can make helicopters more ballistically tolerant; that protects the cabin.
He told psychiatrists he was high on ecstasy, LSD and cocaine when he "went ballistically evil" and hit her four times
He teams up with the town's other young losers to form the Dandies, a secret society of shooters who dress in 19th-century garb, conduct eccentric rituals in their underground ``temple'' and profess their pacifism while becoming more ballistically knowledgeable than your average Navy SEAL.
That would leave me with a high velocity rifle, which ballistically is quite unusable in most RTA situations, orawhat?
That's because most researchers studying those gases use such perfect crystals that electrons move ballistically, that is, they travel extraordinary distances--tens to hundreds of micrometers--before colliding with one another or with atoms in the material.
There it lost lock and flew ballistically about 25 kilometers beyond the shooting range.
Detectives questioned a 38year-old man about the weapons, which were taken away to be ballistically examined to establish if they had been used in gun attacks.
It's a bit of a gimmick, but it goes after the alliance between corporate lobbyists and Republicans--an alliance the White House should target ballistically.
The injected electrons propagate ballistically (without undergoing scattering or energy loss) for a depht of 100 to 1000 [angstroms].