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Caption: Ballistician Emil Praslick, taking wind readings.
In a two-page request for subpoena ad testificandum and duces tecum, lawyer Philip Sigfrid Fortun asked for the issuance of subpoena for the four army officers and a ballistician for them to appear and bring with them the documents listed under their names for their interview and taking of judicial affidavits on Friday.
When the non-hunting ballistician explained how foot-pounds were the only necessary ingredient for killing flying ducks, Bob glanced my way and raised an eyebrow.
I'm not known as a master ballistician, nor have I ever claimed to be.
Jim" Hull, who for years has been chief ballistician at Sierra, and we wish him a long and happy retirement.
Based on the bullet paths and rolled-up windows of the victims' vehicles, there's no way they were able to fire at all," said Jasmine Abarrientos, a ballistician on the NBI team.
Ken: Well, I'm not a great shooter or hunter, and I'm not really a ballistician.
His experience includes extensive work as an interior and exterior ballistician, vulnerability/lethality tester and analyst, materials engineer, author and educator.
Ten years ago, ballistician Ed Lowry developed a groundbreaking program for Windows entitled Shotshell Ballistics, but it's no longer available.
We've managed to cut that loss in half," says Hornady ballistician Dave Emary.