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With the Kestrel Ballistics Meter, you can get by in the field with just two compact electronic tools, the meter and a laser rangefinder.
BALLISTIC APPS andlaser rangefinders have taken the guesswork out of long-range shots.
Advantages of ballistic targeting system software in boosting firearm performance
We also compared the results against a number of ballistic databases in other countries and identified potential links with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the territory of Kosovo and Sweden.
The whole subject of handgun terminal ballistics became the focus of the firearms industry, law enforcement and sometimes politicians after the infamous FBI-Miami/Dade County shoot-out in 1986 where courageous men died after good shot placement, but poor bullet performance did not end the affair soon enough.
Prof Babak Akhgar said: "Crossreferencing ballistics data has been a long process but this automatically alerts relevant agencies where there is a match for a gun or bullets.
Cummins' book Everyday Ballistics and are necessary language to know when discussing trajectory:
Initial assessment of the Colt handgun indicated that it had been fired four times but ballistics tests are still to be conducted, the IPCC added.
The National Ballistics Intelligence Service centre operates from an undisclosed address in Birmingham.
Summary: A new "CSI-style" national ballistics service has been opened by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to assist police in solving gun crimes.
Papers presented at the Third International Conference on Computational Ballistics, held in 2007 in The New Forest, U.
The 2008 International Symposium on Ballistics will be held Sept.