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An established "Grade A" manufacturing facility, Gaffco Ballistics has the capability to produce and install a wide variety of architectural millwork and bullet resistant products in a timely and professional manner to include bomb proof structures, safe rooms and panic rooms.
Based on the extensive hunting and reloading experience of Ballistic Product's president, Dave Fackler, and his staff, this manual has a unique personality all its own.
At the heart of the overall are two sub-programs that are identical in their calculations except for the shot sizes: Downrange Ballistics and Buckshot Ballistics.
The ballistics model and the shooting challenges are unmatched by any computer game.
Kestrel has proudly supported Marine Corps Scout Snipers with rugged environmental meters for more than 15 years, starting with the original Kestrel 4000 Weather Tracker, through to the Kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics selected on this contract," said Nielsen-Kellerman(NK) CEO Alix James.
Fundamental requirement for the bullet-proof vests over any accessories are compliance with the Technical Regulations (TR ballistic vests, March 2008, Rev.
The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is the most interactive program on the market, and is available to anyone who visits our site," said Greg Kosteck, director of marketing for Winchester Ammunition.
The 21 papers presented here by Brebbia (Wessex Institute of Technology, UK) and Motta (Brazilian Navy Research Institute, Brazil) originated from the Third International Conference on Computational Ballistics, which was held in the UK in June of 2007.
The National Ballistics Intelligence Programme aims to provide officers with a comprehensive source of information on gun crime intelligence in England and Wales.
State Department's preliminary forced entry and ballistics tests, has been scheduled for certification tests on May 3.
Detectives hunting Jill Dando's killer will fly to America later this month to seek advice from ballistics experts about the weapon used to kill her.
THE parents of a French tourist shot dead during a holiday in the Highlands have criticised police for delaying a ballistics test for nearly two years.