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Hepatocellular carcinomas assigned as SH-HCC type showed steatohepatitic features in more than 5% of the tumor area (9) (including overall area in multiple HCCs), and displayed the combination of features described in steatohepatitis, including macrovesicular steatosis, ballooning degeneration, Mallory hyaline, fibrosis, and inflammation.
We suspected a malignancy, but histopathology of biopsy specimens revealed that the mass exhibited the classic signs of the HSV cytopathic effect, including the presence of intranuclear inclusion bodies, ballooning degeneration of epithelial cells, and a ground-glass appearance of some nuclei.
The more serious types 3 (fat accumulation and ballooning degeneration) and 4 (fat accumulation, ballooning degeneration, and either Mallory hyaline and/or fibrosis) are characterized as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).