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1, but state permitters, insurers and balloonists say they haven't heard of anyone planning to hunt hogs from hot air balloons.
List three ways cluster balloonists try to make sure they stay safe while flying.
"I am" replies the balloonist, "but how did you know?"
The Balloonist's storyline follows a love triangle between two feuding brothers and a girl that turns deadly; but death is only the beginning of the story.
"I heard about the concept again from Per Lindstrand, another balloonist, who had been working with Richard Branson on an around-the-world balloon flight.
Balloonist Andy Collett, 42, from nearby Wotton-under-Edge, said: "It's an amazing sight.
However, when he sails through the turquoise New Mexico skies, he's Bobby Bradley, youngest solo balloonist ever!
In her fictional version, the balloonist, Walter Griffin, lives utterly in the past, still chewing on his airborne success of 16 years before.
Supporters of missing Japanese hot air balloonist Michio Kanda said yesterday they still hoped to find a clue to his whereabouts after the US Coast Guard suspended its search in the North Pacific.
The gravely ill balloonist mutters about seeing strange flying creatures, and at first Matt thinks he's raving.
Mayor and Mayoress of Worcester with the stilt-walker; Supporters of the Severn Boat Festival with organiser Chris Carless (Worcester Events Ltd; Balloonist Ian Ashpole
In The National Post, an item appeared in the regular "This Day in History" column commemorating the death of Blanchard, the pioneer French balloonist. His bad been the first hot air balloon to cross the English Channel.