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BALLOT, government. A diminutive ball, i. e. a little ball used in giving votes; the act itself of giving votes. A little ball or ticket used in voting privately, and, for that purpose, put, into a box, (commonly called a ballot-box,) or into some other contrivance.

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If someone the ballot box, the additional signatures are next to the names, and there's no way to see in what order they were signed.
In order to vote electronically, you must have your TAPPI member number and the unique ballot control number from the ballot you received either electronically or by mail.
In Helping America Vote: A Guide to Implementing the New Federal Provisional Ballot Requirement, the League presented the problems and questions likely to arise and suggested some states' "model practices," in the hope that states would be more prepared.
Turn-out up so far 6%; around 1,000 incomplete ballot papers returned.
Archbishop Hutchison was elected on the fourth ballot from a final slate of two candidates (including Bishop Ronald Ferris of Algoma), receiving 68 votes from clergy and 97 votes from the laity.
A mail ballot is under way to amend the AICPA bylaws in order to implement proposals to enhance the AICPA's ethics enforcement process.
The letter ballot for the standard did not pass, as the vote was evenly split, 12-12, which meant that compartmentation would not be included in the revised standard.
In some counties using punch-card ballots, votes went unregistered because the holes next to the candidates' names weren't entirely punched through, and thus weren't registered by ballot counting machines.
Thanks to an unusual provision of Florida's constitution, advocates of civil forfeiture and ballot access reforms could have the chance to make big changes in the Sunshine State's laws without first having to undergo the exhausting and expensive efforts usually necessary to get such initiatives on the ballot.
The American Institute of CPAs announced that it has reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit brought in 1988 by five members seeking to set aside the 1987 membership ballot that approved the Plan to Restructure Professional Standards.
The ReliaVote Automated Mail Ballot Assembly solution and the ReliaVote Automated Inbound Ballot Processing solution each have a new compact footprint ideally suited for small and mid-sized local election offices.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston-based Clear Ballot announced today the signing of a contract with Harney County, Oregon to provide the county with ClearVote, Clear Ballot's next generation voting system solution.