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BALLOT, government. A diminutive ball, i. e. a little ball used in giving votes; the act itself of giving votes. A little ball or ticket used in voting privately, and, for that purpose, put, into a box, (commonly called a ballot-box,) or into some other contrivance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The regulations shall be applicable to persons who provide services as share registrars and balloters, said a statement issued here Tuesday.
The existing BTU rules were made to regulating affairs of the underwriters and balloters and share registrars despite the fact that both these intermediaries perform totally different functions.
Beyond that, voters experienced the same kinds of snafus that occur in any election - mostly not having received their ballots in the mail because of changed addresses - as last-minute balloters crowded into the small lobby at the elections office in downtown Eugene.
The argument is that absentee balloters wouldn't be able to take that into account.
In addition, the translated rules, regulations and SROs are the Balloters and Transfer Agents Rules 2015, The Underwriters Rules 2015, Clearing Houses (Regulation and Registration) Rules 2005, Single Member Companies Rules 2003, Companies Shares Capital (Variation in Rights and Privileges) Rules 2000, Companies (Investment in Associated Companies/Undertakings) Regulations 2012 and many more.