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The regulations shall be applicable to persons who provide services as share registrars and balloters, said a statement issued here Tuesday.
In various developed and emerging markets, regulatory framework for regulating affairs of the underwriter and the balloters and transfer agent also exists.
In addition, the translated rules, regulations and SROs are the Balloters and Transfer Agents Rules 2015, The Underwriters Rules 2015, Clearing Houses (Regulation and Registration) Rules 2005, Single Member Companies Rules 2003, Companies Shares Capital (Variation in Rights and Privileges) Rules 2000, Companies (Investment in Associated Companies/Undertakings) Regulations 2012 and many more.
On the occasion, Chowdry shared the views of the MAP on issues faced by the sector, including non-inclusion of the Modarabas in the list of zakat-deducting agencies and sahib-e-nisab in the 1980 Zakat and Usher Ordinance and in the 2001 Balloters, Transfer Agents and Underwriting Rules as underwriters like other financial institutions.