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A large point, reliable ballpoint pen with more colours
Nor do his prior achievements (which primarily involved setting off 'The Pen Wars' over a ballpoint pen's rights, manufacturing and promotion.
The head of 8,250pounds-a-year Hillcrest Grammar and Preparatory School in Stockport has written to parents saying children should only use ballpoints.
The fountain pen, the ballpoint and the rollerball in this Limited Writers Edition Thomas Mann series are respectively restricted to 12.
What could be more beautiful than the ballpoint pen," said Eduardo Fernandez, president of the Argentinian Inventors Association, who are planning a celebration in Laszlo's honour on his birthday.
The loving son died doing his homework when he choked on a top from a ballpoint pen.
I want the thrill and awe of Devils Tower to flow through my pen, to score paper with ballpoint leave marks as distinct as the grizzly bear's claws made on the rock.
Argentina was the cradle of the ballpoint pen, America its nursery, and France its intensive care unit.
I've been a fan of the Post since before all the annoying inventions like ballpoint pens and cell phones etc.
comes the iRemedy Automatic Pencil and Retractable Ballpoint Pen, featuring an antibacterial additive in the grip and barrel that repels germs.
We've Found a good field fix is the spring from an Army ballpoint pen.
I would trace the gothic typeface of The New York Times banner head, [and] practice the copperplate script that adorns wedding invitations with felt markers and ballpoint pens," he recalls.