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This reports covers: ballpoint pens; gel pens; fountain pens; highlighters, markers and color pens; and wooden and mechanical pencils.
Field's and Banana Republic, they encountered young folk requesting change for a dollar or clumsily dropping ballpoint pens.
The printer has the length of a normal ballpoint pen while its width and height are more or less equivalent to the width of a modern mobile phone.
As she had for the Bienal, Cinto wrapped her ballpoint iconography--elegant graffiti emitting a faint surrealist aroma--around the corners of the yellowish-white walls, turning the drawing into a kind of invasive plant.
StylusCentral's 2-in-1 stylus pen features a ballpoint ink pen under the decorative black cap.
When he died two years ago, each of the friends and relatives attending his funeral received a ballpoint pen inscribed with a message: "Your last pen from me.
It took Vang a week to sketch the scenes with a ballpoint pen.
to design the Ballpoint clip-on trackball for portable computers.
The ballpoint pen has a small optical sensor, which will record everything that is written on the page.
When ballpoint pen manufacturer, BIC, upgraded their system to e.
4 THE BIC CLIC Remember the first disposable retractable ballpoint pen?
About the size of the point of a typical ballpoint pen, each VeriChip will contain a unique identification number and other critical data.