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OKAY lip balms are formulated to soothe pain caused by dryness and dehydration.
Bronner's has formulated new Magic Balms in arnica menthol and baby unscented formats.
These egg-shaped bath balms by Musee, a small cottage business in Madison County whose motto is "Soak in Life," make the perfect Easter treats.
TINTED LIP BALM Keep your lips soft and healthy in the cold with these pretty, hydrating balms PS18 Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in My Pink A sheer balm that uses the pH of your lips to create your own unique shade of pink.
Shirley has found over the years that most lip balms don't moisturize much.
com This collection of five flavoured moisturising lip balms is made with Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon.
And, lip balms make great gifts, merchandise to sell at local boutiques, farmers markets and trade markets, or just to keep at the homestead.
As part of our commitment to exceed consumers' needs and stay true to Softlips' long legacy of flavorful lip balms, we were inspired to create a new generation of Softlips lip balm," says Katherine Tocheff, director of marketing and innovation skin care and lip care, for The Mentholatum Co.
Available in four 'flavours' - Lip Service, Honey Trap, None of my Beeswax and Whipstick - the balms costs PS5.
In keeping with the category's seasonal nature, shoppers like to pick up lip balms as gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers, contributing to the end-of-year sales hike.
I like that the product is solid as opposed to some of the more liquid balms you can buy as I tend to find these a bit messy.