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The wind, which had been fresh and raw across the bare hills, gained no entrance to the cove; and the beach was warm and balmy, the air sweetly pungent with the thicket odors.
That night, under the blankets, Saxon lay awake, looking at the stars, pleasuring in the balmy thicket-scents, and listening to the dull rumble of the outer surf and the whispering ripples on the sheltered beach a few feet away.
On that warm, balmy night in June, there were glad faces and light hearts in all quarters of the town, and sleep, banished by the late horrors, was doubly welcomed.
Who can describe the pleasure and delight, the peace of mind and soft tranquillity, the sickly boy felt in the balmy air, and among the green hills and rich woods, of an inland village
For, oftentimes when school was not, and her calm leisure and calm little house were her own, Miss Peecher would commit to the confidential slate an imaginary description of how, upon a balmy evening at dusk, two figures might have been observed in the market-garden ground round the corner, of whom one, being a manly form, bent over the other, being a womanly form of short stature and some compactness, and breathed in a low voice the words, 'Emma Peecher, wilt thou be my own?
Bright and pleasant was the sky, balmy the air, and beautiful the appearance of every object around, as Mr.
He shall know all about that to-morrow, and in the mean time, as it's rather late, I'll try and get a wink of the balmy.
Two years ago, Two years ago, while sitting out while sitting out on a balmy night on a balmy night on holiday, I felt on holiday, I felt a buzzing near a buzzing near my ear and batted away some insects.
Age Friendly Communities Project Manager Delyth Owen said: "We've collected stories about missions and mishaps, tears and triumphs, balmy evenings on the beach and gales with horizontal rain.
Temperatures in Crosby reached a high of 18C yesterday with the rest of Liverpool and the region enjoying a balmy 17C.
IT is set to be hotter in balmy Birmingham than the Costa del Sol this weekend as temperatures top 66F in the West Midlands.
During the few short weeks between the cooler winter weather and sweltering summer heat, Cairo basks in the balmy temperatures of spring.