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"Here's how this ongoing bamboozlement works: When you retire, you get a lump sum from your 401(k).
To paraphrase Galbraith, organized bamboozlement that has aimed to convince the already hungry to eat has necessarily bred inefficiencies and inequity.
which needs to be thoroughly demythologized and recognized for the centuries-old propaganda campaign it is." Apparently, some bamboozlement schemes emanate from the private sector as well--unless the healing arts are now to be considered to be part of the statist apparat.
Seife's book is an admirable salvo against quantitative bamboozlement by the media and the government." JORDAN ELENBERG
Italy, for its part, generates among foreign (and often Italian) observers a sense of bamboozlement. Usually the country is ranked among those where the transformation process is deemed to be led by a partnership between employers and the national unions, on the basis of the Pact signed in 1993 (following a logic that began much earlier known as the 'Lodo Scotti' (3)).