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And banal trivialities don't come much more banal or trivial than Middlesbrough's FA Cup run this season.
From these first examples to the cutting edge of invention today to speculation about the future, author Ichbiah describes the many exquisite and banal machines that can be called robots.
But as the undeveloped and banal vignettes piled up, the hip feel turned feral.
I made points clearly about writers feeling stories were melodramatic, banal and shallow and that many drafts that these led to were profoundly depressing, wearying and disheartening.
Like a host of earlier books that sought to marry historical figures--Lincoln, Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun, to name a few--to business strategies and verities, the result is uneven, ranging from stirring to banal.
They mingle with celebrities, name-drop the most current and hottest actors and musicians, and despite being high school-aged, spend very little time there--surely it's too banal for this fun-loving book.
But "with gay men and women, such statements are regarded as completely banal, and Bennett actually gains points among some conservatives for voicing them.
We have suffered 30 years of banal and inaccurate texts.
And Hit Time is sometimes beset with cliched, dated dialogue and banal prose like "She had an ugly-wugly feeling.
We watched as GM added layer upon layer of brand management bureaucracy, and stood by as sales continued to fall, ad campaigns became ever more banal, and the product morphed into the equal of the protein goo from Soylent Green.
In among the sometimes compelling, often banal theorizing about tango's cultural significance, the most apposite comment of all belongs to Cristina Rey.
It's when you are on hold, listening to the banal whine of Kenny G.