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MARINERONG PILIPINO 84 - Tratter 16, Banal 11, Subido 11, Pasaol 9, Olivares 8, Robles 8, Toth 6, Ayonayon 5, Ebona 4, Babilonia 2, Inigo 2, Lopez 2, Terso 0, Tolentino 0.
Aside from Denok, Banal shared that Mark Isip is also around practicing with the players.
Much of the load though rest on the shoulders of Renzo Subido, Gab Banal, and Rian Ayonayon, who had a solid performance against the Jawbreakers.
Your sweet 'n' low sound track made something unforgettable out of their otherwise banal excuses, from a babysitter's desperate phone call to a bartender's sluggish preparation of a Cuba Libre.
The notion of silence at the heart of the structure perhaps speaks of death for that is what it really represents or tries to embody and death can be banal and nothing else.
In among the sometimes compelling, often banal theorizing about tango's cultural significance, the most apposite comment of all belongs to Cristina Rey.
Thus, men like Hitler may empower banal evildoers such as Eichmann.
The only condition: be it cubism, literary minimalism, or rock and roll, a style borrowed from the West must be sufficiently banal to be useful.
Gab Banal collected 12 markers, eight boards, four assists, and four steals, and Rian Ayonayon got nine for Marinerong Pilipino, which grabbed a share of the second spot at 5-2.
Good thing, our players stepped up," said Marinero Coach Koy Banal.