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Worpole touches upon the importance of meaning in the disposal of the dead from early times to the present day, and his wife's photographs often evoke something of what is lacking in the banalities of contemporary British celebrations of death.
Even what's supposed to pass as dark comedy rarely works because the script (written by the film's first-time director David Veloz) never manages to capture the banalities of this industry town.
The would-be seducers drown the poor women in a sea of banalities, and the audience erupts in little psychodramas, shouting and assailing each other, saying horrible things.
The second is the implication that architecture has little more than a subservient relationship to the economic and technological forces that shape the splintered metropolis, that its role is primarily to accommodate the banalities of the process.
It was something of a disappointment to discover that all those words, so alluringly expressed in dramatic, unintelligible and unreproducible sounds, organized themselves into banalities one might hear on the bus in Santa Barbara (if one took buses there).