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So it seems vital to remind people of those sometimes harsh banalities.
Robespierre worked as marketing director for Federal Cliche, the first company specializing in the manufacture and overnight delivery of hackneyed truisms and radiant banalities to Washington-based journalists.
Undoubtedly, Krugman has performed a valuable public service by questioning such banalities as "We have to compete in the global economy.
Politics is not only the art of compromise, and Havel will soon destroy even his integrity as a common citizen and writer if he continues preaching cosmic banalities.
Its inhabitants, who converse in a quasi-absurdist mixture of reality-TV banalities and over-the-top cyberpunk argot, are equally heterogeneous, encompassing every imaginable social type, from ladies who lunch to a bizarre gang of pseudo-Hasidic squatters.
Worpole touches upon the importance of meaning in the disposal of the dead from early times to the present day, and his wife's photographs often evoke something of what is lacking in the banalities of contemporary British celebrations of death.
Even what's supposed to pass as dark comedy rarely works because the script (written by the film's first-time director David Veloz) never manages to capture the banalities of this industry town.