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With "Second Alibi: The Banality of Life," he revisits the abrasive, triangular psychodrama of his brilliant, questing psychotic Ben Schreiber, Ben's libertine alter-ego, Georgie Gust, and the sadistic temptress, Claudia Nesbitt, who torments them both, while also including a moving plea for understanding that stands apart from the disturbed fevers of his fiction.
The banality of violence finds its articulation not just in the repeated event, masked by the silly "operational names," but also by the ease with which we grow accustomed to the growing death toll.
LOVERS 3 The horror stems from Chris and Tina's sheer banality
Writing for the Guardian, novelist Henning Mankell recalls "Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil," Hannah Arendt's book that explored the human capability of destroying other humans without empathy.
Tony Blair the master of self aggrandisement, spin, falsehoods, banality.
GOOGLE has been branded "white bread for the mind" by a senior academic who argues the search engine is creating an age of banality.
Do you lament the 'tedious banality of the post-modern condition'?
Whether the focus is Lil' Kim's implants or 50 Cent's thuggish newfound wealth or Ying Yang Twins' minstrel idiocy, there is so much more to the music and culture than the surface banality and vulgarity, as Toure knows.
Sejima seems to be waging an admirable war against the banality of the internal corridor; on the third floor, for instance, grids of rooms linked by a perimeter zone of circulation are arranged around intimate external courtyards that bring light into the deep plan.
What barely saves his project from degenerating into a love letter to the past is his un-Romantic subject matter, which is almost insignificant in its utter banality.
Are you planning to blindfold your kids whenever they're in public lest they discover the nonthreatening banality of diversity?