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The banality of war metaphors occludes the violence of literal warfare by drawing attention to it; making a spectacle of the banal, it banalizes spectacle.
Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, for one, frequently speaks out again this sort of misuse of Nazi references, which he says banalizes the memory of the victims.
The use of mechanical force banalizes them and empties them of content.
Petronius, too, criticizes "the popular narrative which banalizes the great literary models by reducing them to melodramatic schemes.
poesie," Aragon banalizes literary production by bringing it
But most important is that such a comparison is antisemitic, because it banalizes the Holocaust.
Reversing Suzanne Bernard's universal prose poem formula - which states that prose poetry results from the poetization of the banal(8) - one can, therefore, say(9) that instead of poeticizing the banal, this prose poem banalizes the traditionally exploited poetic attributes of the elephant.
It banalizes war when war is an everyday occurrence.
Closky's iteration of imagery lifted from fashion magazines and cosmetic ads cleverly banalizes their effects, but his work is not limited to this sphere.