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As part of a larger investigation into ESL textbooks and the imagining of Canadian-ness undertaken as doctoral research (Gulliver, 2009), I conducted a survey of Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) teachers in Ontario to determine which textbooks they used and examined 24 ESL textbooks for the ways in which they banally imagine Canada.
We are drawn to one another as though cursed with the same disease, doomed to live in leper colonies of the banally named, forever asking "which one?
One of the few early women directors, and perhaps the sole woman director of the avant-garde in early cinema, Dulac advises her audience that if cinema is not to be a "mirror of the other arts," banally reflecting the same conventional fictions (colored by the light of the other gender, to paraphrase Woolf), then it must take up its unique visual and temporal aesthetic capacities, its ability to provide "an eye wide open on life, an eye more powerful than our own and which sees things we cannot see.
Jehan completed a bachelor's degree in specific education specialising in arts in Egypt and has participated in various exhibitions including Banally Port Saed, a common exhibition at the Italian Council and Youth Salon at the French Council in Port Saed alongside Bahrain's Festival of Asela, the Festival of Eskafi, the Festival of Adhari, at the Bahrain Gardens Club, and an exhibition by the Contemporary Artists Society of which she is a member.
The problem is that Jesus's wisdom often sounds like the banally dignified locutions screenwriters put in the mouths of sages in togas.
To take a life is surely wrong, but it is also, even if banally, undemocratic.
This is not the same thing, at least so we firmly hope, as the banally reassuring conviction that life contains both joys and sorrows, that there are, after all, other things in this world besides Auschwitz.
Such a dilemma is part of the broader issue of the responsibilities of blood services to donors and recipients, and Brooks concluded rather banally that, 'Blood services should base decisions regarding donor suitability on science rather than on their donors' desires.
It's a bit of an apples-and-oranges thing -- one segment explores a Muslim mother disquietingly at peace with her son's martyrdom after he killed six Jews, while another is banally concerned with a Christian couple home-schooling their children.
Charles McPherson of the World Bank presents banally predictable criteria for good governance in oil-producing states and vacuous calls for fostering their realization.
The trivial and philosophical, the refined and the insensitive, the intimate and the banally public all coexist in the clutter of their surfaces.
First, and more banally, democratic deficits can arise because the very