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Echoing Stevis and Boswell, he adds banally that unions "can play a significant role in international affairs" by doing a laundry list of activities including strategic research, corporate campaigns, coalitions with NGOS, prosecutions of offending companies, and work with corporations (presumably not the same ones).
Anyway, ethnic Albanians will realize that Gruevski's policy is openly anti-ethnic Albanian," stated Aliu and added that Gruevski wants to worsen the relations between ethnic Albanians and Macedonians and forces ethnic Albanians to act banally.
Jehan completed a bachelor's degree in specific education specialising in arts in Egypt and has participated in various exhibitions including Banally Port Saed, a common exhibition at the Italian Council and Youth Salon at the French Council in Port Saed alongside Bahrain's Festival of Asela, the Festival of Eskafi, the Festival of Adhari, at the Bahrain Gardens Club, and an exhibition by the Contemporary Artists Society of which she is a member.
Such a dilemma is part of the broader issue of the responsibilities of blood services to donors and recipients, and Brooks concluded rather banally that, 'Blood services should base decisions regarding donor suitability on science rather than on their donors' desires.
It's a bit of an apples-and-oranges thing -- one segment explores a Muslim mother disquietingly at peace with her son's martyrdom after he killed six Jews, while another is banally concerned with a Christian couple home-schooling their children.
Charles McPherson of the World Bank presents banally predictable criteria for good governance in oil-producing states and vacuous calls for fostering their realization.
The trivial and philosophical, the refined and the insensitive, the intimate and the banally public all coexist in the clutter of their surfaces.
First, and more banally, democratic deficits can arise because the very
This demarche does not prevent Chappuis from asking probing questions, but such questions, rather than becoming banally oppositional, permit a further, even more visceral plunge into the swirling paradoxes and tensions of Des Forets's "chatterbox" and to realize that, over and above the specificities of psychology and philosophy, a "poem," a "song," has been written, is available in the midst of turmoil, a jouissance emblematically defying what seems to defy all jouissance.
Mainlines shows us Bangs's fervent hope and belief: that there is something "alive between the hand-in-glove poles of happyhappy and what is finally merely banally disgusting meanspiritedness" (p.
And then I thought about it, and I wrote this piece, and it was all about how anybody can be banally handsome, and that Hubert had been very beautiful and very handsome, but so what?