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BANCO. A commercial term, adopted from the Italian, used to distinguish bank money from the common currency; as $1000,

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While it is still unknown how much of Novo Banco would be put on the block and no formal sale process is under way at present, it is estimated that the Bank of Portugal is looking to shed some EUR70bn (USD88bn) worth of assets, one source stated.
Adicionalmente, al estudiar la liquidacion de los bancos es importante valorar que tipo de liquidacion se empleo para el banco afectado; podria ser una donde los bancos son motivo de fusion o adquisicion antes de ser declarados en bancarrota o despues de ser declarados en bancarrota.
As part of the sale, the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) and the FROB granted three support measures to the banking business bought by Banco Sabadell: a guarantee on losses stemming from a 24.
Santander has consistently denied any plans to sell shares in its Brazilian unit, but recent reports have suggested the possible sale of Banco Santander Brasil to Banco do Brasil or another Brazilian bank, Banco Bradesco SA (NYSE: BBD) (NASDAQ: BBDO) (BBDC4.
The credit rating agency affirmed the ratings on Banco Agricola (SAS:BAC), Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires (BUE:GALI), Banco del Estado de Chile, Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (SAO:BNBR4), Banco Fibra, Banco General (PNS:BGEN), Banco Hipotecario (BUE:BHIP), Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior (NYSE:BLX) and Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior.
Banco rari 379 contains the vulgar humanistic version of Quintilian with some unique characteristics.
The temporary orders to cease and desist required Banco Nacional de Mexico, Banco Internacional, S.
In addition, Moody's affirmed the deposit ratings of Banco Citibank S.
Moxico province, as well as BESA, already has branches of Banco Atlantico, Banco sol, Banco Angolano de Investimentos, Banco de Comercio e IndE[bar]stria, Banco de Fomento Angola, Banco BIC, Banco Millennium and Banco Popular de Credito.
The statement to the Spanish stock market regulator comes after local daily ABC reported that Banco Popular was looking into a deal to buy Banco Mare Nostrum, after taking over peer Banco Pastor earlier this year.