band of employees

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He and his small band of employees ended up having to go door to door with brochures, trying to educate people.
No consideration for the extra expense for child minding alternations to family commitments plus the extra stress on an already overworked band of employees.
Says Joylyn Largo-Afonso, Client Partner, IT/BPO for Korn/Ferry International India:"This band of employees wants to contribute to an organisation that has a scalable global location and where India is a strategic country.
Our Comfort Zone Manager, Heather Smith and her stalwart band of employees and volunteers deserve a special thank you.
It's disappointing mostly for our loyal band of employees, the vast majority of whom are fiercely proud to work at the NEC and in whom we are indeed currently making a massive investment.
In a bid to force a turnaround of last year's referendum rejection of European Union expansion plans, a band of employees at Dublin's International Financial Services centre have got together to put pressure on the electorate ahead of next month's second nationwide poll on the issue.
When I became CEO, and my role broadened, I came into regular contact with a broader band of employees. I learned that people overwhelmingly wanted to do the right things for Pillsbury, and I examined ways to reward employee performance at the non-management level, resulting in the institution of profit sharing in 1993.