band together

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Band Together will be held at the Scandinavian Church, Park Lane, Liverpool, on Friday, December 19, from 7.
For more information about Band Together, visit www.
Andy Barker, of PR and marketing company Results Network, which is promoting the event, said: "This is a great opportunity for creative businesses in the borough to band together and represent the sector on a more formal basis.
My suggestion is that cruise lines band together and put pressure on the local governments to take whatever steps are necessary to make all ports-of call safe.
Just when we're praying that our heroine will leave her useless companion to be dragged off by dingoes, they band together to survive their ordeal and become intimate, and she suddenly becomes all warm and girly.
The churches, in opposing apartheid, needed to band together, so the ecumenical movement there had a strong foundation, she said in an interview.
She generally approves of citizen consumers, and generally disapproves of purchaser consumers; it's good when consumers band together to demand safer cars, or an end to segregation, but not when they band together to limit property taxation or to build walls around their suburbs.
As coalition members band together in data networks, communication channels emerge, facilitating the exchange of best practices, market intelligence and benchmarking strategies, which, in turn, can drive continuous advancement for the entire group.
He charged that early admission is detrimental to schools and students, and asked that all Ivy League schools band together to drop the practice (40 percent of Yale's freshman class came through the early admission gate).
NEWSAGENTS and off-licences are being asked to band together to form their own Business Watch scheme to help fight crime.
The successful production of We All Fall Down is reminiscent of certain groups of actors in the United States, like Stanley Tucci or John Turturro, who have a coterie of accomplished friends who band together in support of a project.
Paleo-anthropologists think we got this way when we left the safety of the forests for the wide open savanna, where we had to band together for defense against a slew of nasty predators.