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BANDIT. A man outlawed; one who is said to be under ban.

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The South Sudanese army official, however, denied allegations that pro-government troops attacked a designated assembling area of the armed opposition forces around Bazia town in Western Bahr el Ghazal state, stressing that it was instead the opposition forces in the area involved in banditry activities and tactics to gain more territories.
The banditry charges are trumped-up and they poison the letter and spirit of the inclusive government," the statement read.
Karzai at the presidential palace and calls for accelerating the reconstruction of the country, outlining a new plan for using US, local and possibly European forces to improve security in more than half a dozen cities racked by banditry and factional fighting.
State Department warned citizens not to travel to the country, citing the high level of crime and highway banditry outside the capital of Bangui.
Philip Aguer denied the existence of rebels along the Juba-Nimule road, describing as banditry an attack which recently occurred along the 193km highway.
13 (Saba)- The Specialized Penal Court in Sana'a sentenced on Wednesday three conflicts to 15 years in jail on charges of banditry in Nabaa point on Marib road in 2011.
HARARE, Sha'ban 23, 1435, Jun 21, 2014, SPA -- Zimbabwe on Saturday laid attempted terrorism, insurgency and banditry charges against the editor of a state-run newspaper, accusing him of being an anonymous Facebook blogger who claimed to be a mole in President Robert Mugabe's ruling party, according to Reuters.
The preliminary investigation revealed that the 49- year-old resident has been previously sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for banditry and organization of a criminal community.
In a statement to SUNA, Yasser said that the crimes of looting and banditry have decreased by 97%, while murder rate dropped by 47%, compared with the rate in past year.
Separatism, inter-ethnic rivalry, revenge, banditry, and/or extremist ideology were the primary motivating factors for terrorism-related violence," the report said.
Asmelash also underlined that regimes that conduct such airwave banditry are those which lack courage and capacity to face the truth being disseminated.
There is no banditry taking place there," said Saif.