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and the bands could hardly hold in for the final note; then they turned their whole strength loose on "Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching," and everybody's excitement rose to blood-heat.
Then the bands turned their instruments towards Cathy and burst in with that rollicking frenzy of a tune, "Oh, we'll all get blind drunk when Johnny comes marching home - yes, we'll all get blind drunk when Johnny comes marching home
In the meantime, they detach bands, or "brigades" as they are termed, of trappers in various directions, assigning to each a portion of country as a hunting or trapping ground.
Bands of free trappers resort hither also, to sell the furs they have collected; or to engage their services for the next hunting season.
We will now present the Royal Band of Whiskered Friskers.
Now the band played a march and a company of rabbit soldiers came in.
It was a band of Sioux warriors, upwards of six hundred strong.
Hunt would do him some ill office with the Sioux band, securing his own passage through their country by pretending that he, with whom they were accustomed to trade, was on his way to them with a plentiful supply of goods.
But the band lacks a leader--one who can use his head as well as his hand.
Comrades all, ye know that our band has sadly lacked a leader--one of birth, breeding, and skill.
He rode up to the front door and dismounted, and the band stopped playing and went away and the crowds of people returned to their dwellings.
Then Robin Hood and all his band laughed aloud until the stranger began to grow angry.